Wednesday, 16 January 2008

My London Life

My first year in London was great. especially seeing the bridge that opens,ha ha ha. I made sure i visited all the places i heard of. I must say it was quite a good experience....if only i knew what lay ahead of me.
To be honest,Life is quite harder here than i expected. my sister told me before i came but i was too sturborn to listen. there's nothing i can do now than dancing to the music.
I never smiled when the month end approached. Rent plus bills like water,electricity,phone etc all waiting for my already "thin" bank account to do something.
The most interesting part about this place is the "job hunting". No matter how good your educational background is, you always search for cleaning, waiting, and the most liked care jobs.
Everytime i call home, am always asked the same question over and over again,just to find out where i work....I keep on giving the same answer each and every day....BBC,well to most people it stands for British Broadcasting Corporation but those who know me better,know that my BBC means something different but as the saying goes" HE WHO WOULD LIKE TO HAVE SOMETHING HE HAS NEVER HAD, WILL HAVE TO DO SOMETHING HE HAS NEVER DONE BEFORE".
Besides the London hardships,we do have alot of fun as well,like going to the cinema, enjoying free evening and weekend calls to eachother,clubbing,shopping or simply going to west end to see some celebrities(well yeah,its fun as well).
Cant wait to go home though.


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Nice piece you have written here.

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