Wednesday, 8 October 2008


The streets of Britain are becoming more dangerous day by day so much that not a single day goes by without someone being shot, stabbed, robbed or simply being beaten. What really bothers me is that people who commit these crimes are teenagers even some as young as 11 and to make matters worse these people are only sentenced to community service which to me is almost letting them go free.

Well, some people think the youngsters themselves are to blame for whatever is happening at the moment while others think that the government is to blame for not giving tougher sentences. But, have we considered how these kids would have been like if they had a strict upbringing? To be honest, I blame both the parents and the government.Sometimes I wonder why I meet underage humans on the streets in the middle of the night on my way home from work. Why parents allow their kids to roam around the streets after 8pm....I wonder. Its frustrating to find out that adults are scared of the teenagers, am guilty on that one as forced to either turn back or use a different route each time I see a bunch of boys on the streets...
What do you get on the streets of London for not giving under 18’s fags...even if you tell them that you don’t smoke.....PROPER BEATING!!!! Its just so pathetic...
Then comes Racism... just a few weeks back, a young boy was stoned to death for being an Arab and that was after calling him names like Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein... then it was a Chinese man who was called a “f***** Chinese” before being stabbed which was the followed by another Chinese student being beaten to death in his own house in Liverpool...Lord help us all.

In 2007, there were more than 3,500 gun crimes in London and most of them being committed by teenagers. London alone has more than 200 gangs...and what has the government done....employing more cops and community support...WHILE GIVING COMMUNITY SERVICE TO THOSE THAT ARE CAUGHT COMMITTING THESE CRIME... to me that’s crap. How on earth can someone be given that kind of sentence???!!
Then comes the prison, hhhhhmmmm why someone’s room has a bed to lay his body on, a pillow to lay his head on, a blanket and sheets to cover himself with and a TV to entertain himself....I WONDER...Its supposed to be a bloody PRISON!!!! Why would someone come out of jail and commit a crime just to go back in because of the good life.....IT ONLY HAPPENS IN BRITAIN.